Will the school teach Sex and Relationships Education?

If any Sex Education lessons are taught they will be taught in separate classes for boys and girls with full regard and respect to the Islamic Faith and teachings. These lessons will be optional and parents will have the full right to opt their child out of them.

Is the School legally designated as an Islamic ethos schoool or Islamic religious character Designated School?

The school has been set up as an Islamic Faith Designated school and not an Islamic Ethos school. We have used the terminology Islamic ethos in our marketing and literature as this is better understood by the whole community

Will your Islamic Studies Teachers have Qualified Teacher Status?

Contrary to the misleading information that is being spread about Al Madinah, we would like to confirm that we will require all teaching staff to have QTS. However, we recognise that the number of Islamic Studies teachers who will have QTS in the UK is low.  If we identify a high calibre Islamic Studies teacher who does not have QTS we will work with them to obtain this qualification.

We are passionate about raising achievement. We believe in order to do this we need a high calibre workforce in the school.  We also believe in order to have high calibre workforce we need to continuously develop our staff.  Al Madinah will put in plans to make sure any skill gap in our workforce is identified and addressed, regardless of whether a teacher has a QTS or not.

Why will it be difficult to find an Islamic Studies Teacher without QTS?

Islamic Studies teachers have not been required to have QTS, as QTS is only required for state-maintained school in England or Wales.  You rarely have state Schools with Islamic Studies on the Curriculum.

Will all staff at the School be CRB checked?

Safeguarding children will be paramount to everything we do at Al Madinah.  There is a legal duty upon all schools, Academies and Free Schools to safeguard children.  There is a requirement to carry out CRB checks on every member of staff who is in direct contact with children.  We can confirm all our staff, including teachers, support staff, security, governors and anyone else who is in contact with children will go through this process.

Why do you need an Islamic faith school to raise achievement?

Sadly, Muslim children spend more time in an educational setting compared to their peers.  Therefore, they do not get the opportunity to do extracurricular activities or mix with their peers from other cultures or communities.

Incorporating the Islamic faith in our school will allow us to shorten the school day for Muslim children. This will allow Muslim pupils to be equally involved in the extended services program at the school.  We want Muslim children to feel part of the wider community in Derby and we feel that by having this school we will be able to achieve this.

By opening this faith school you will create segregation.

We believe Al-Madinah will create integration rather than segregation.  There are a number of very successful faith schools across the country with no evidence of segregation in any of these schools. We will promote Al-Madinah School to non-Muslims by showing the benefit of choosing our school over other schools..

You will further isolate the Muslim community.

Absolutely not. Our school will not be exclusively for Muslim children. We will aim to recruit 50% of pupils without reference to the Muslim faith.  This is a policy set out by the DfE for all faith Free Schools.  In addition, our school will allow children time to interact with everyone in all faiths and communities.

The enhanced and extended activities will be incorporated to stop Muslim children from being isolated. Currently many schools locally have a very high population of Muslim children at their schools with no real effective strategies to work effectively with other communities. We hope to form strong relationships with other communities to promote integration and understanding of different cultures and communities