Our Vision

Al-Madinah School will be a brand new 4 -16 Muslim Ethos, Multi Faith School based in Derby. The School was founded by the Al Madinah Group, previously known as An Noor.  Al-Madinah School will be opening at St Andrews House, London Road, Derby.

This will be the first Muslim ethos, Multi Faith all-through free school in the country. The school will have an intake of 60 pupils in Reception, 60 pupils in year 1 and 120 pupils in Year 7 from September 2012. The School will grow every year by an additional 60 pupils in the Primary School and 120 pupils in the Secondary School.

A strong Muslim ethos will give the school its uniqueness integrated with shorter holidays and longer school days to maximise opportunities of pupil achievement. At the centre of our school will be a community of pupils, able to enjoy learning in a caring Islamic environment which promotes a culture of high expectations and outstanding performance.

  • Admissions last month 80%


Further to the consultation process, recent developments have led to change in the proposed site arrangements for the school.

The original proposal was to open the school in St Andrews House, London Road and that this site would eventually become the Primary School.  It was then planned that the secondary school would be located in a nearby building, which was unnamed in our recent consultation.

We now propose to open the school in temporary accommodation at Norman House, Friary Street Derby DE1 1AN  from September 2012, and that reception, year 1, year 7 and Year 8 will be housed here until approximately April 2013.

Around April 2013 the school will relocate into what will eventually form the secondary school building. Commercial negotiations are nearing completion for this site, in order to officially purchase the portion of the land that is currently owned by the Discovery online courses corporation. The land is located within the area of  DE1 and we will formally announce the name of the site as soon as we can.

All year groups will be located in the secondary school building until approximately 2015 when the primary school will move into their own dedicated buildings close by the secondary school. Al- Madinah Education Trust  have decided not to commit to the location of the primary site too early as there are a number of options we are considering and we want to ensure we are able to secure the best site for the school. However, the Trust can assure you that together with the Department of Education, adequate funding has been put aside to ensure we are able to acquire and prepare the buildings in time.

We feel the above is in the best way of ensuring the best available buildings are secured for the school whilst maintaining an opening this September. As a Trust we will ensure that regular updates on progress are placed upon this website.

We sincerely hope the above changes do not affect your support for the school. However, if you do have any queries or concerns then please contact us in one of the following ways before the 4th July 2012.

Why has the Al-Madinah School recruited a non-Muslim head as opposed to a Muslim head?

The Head teacher role advertised required a leader who has experience of leading a school, will achieve academic excellence and would have a thorough understanding of Islam. From the candidates that had applied we did not have candidates who met the full criteria, however, A non-Muslim Head teacher was recruited as he demonstrated vital traits of a superb leader, has understanding of OFSTED requirements and has demonstrated a willingness to develop his understanding of Islam and is determined to make this project a success. The Principal scored very highly in the majority of the key areas of the interview process. We do not see having a non-Muslim head as being a major weakness to the school set up as the Islamic ethos throughout the school would be lead by the Director of Islamic studies who is part of the senior leadership team and will work alongside the Principal to ensure that this is underpinned into the school’s curriculum, policies, procedures etc. It must be noted a Girls Islamic school in Bradford (Feversham College) is a notable example of where a school has achieved great academic results under a non-Muslim head.